Komplex 1.1 is out!

Hello everybody!

We’re excited to announce that Komplex 1.1 is out!

The 1.1 update fixes a couple of issues that we had with the 1.0 version and brings many new features such as polyphony, envelope curves and new waveforms for the Mod LFO.

In case you don’t know, Komplex is a MaxforLive synthesizer inspired by the Buchla 261e module and it uses two oscillators to produce some complex and unique sounds FM sounds.

Here’s a list of what’s new in Komplex 1.1:

- Major sound engine improvement - We re-designed the sound engine to make Komplex sound a lot better!

- Polyphony – Komplex can now play up to 8 voices! You can now use Komplex to create some beautiful FM keys.

- Improvements to the Wave Morph section – morphing between the 3 waveforms sounds a lot smoother.

- Improvements to the 3 ADSR E.G.s – adjustable curves (Log - Lin - Expo) and equivalent ranges to all 3 E.G.s.

- New “Vel” buttons let’s you enable or disable velocity control for the FM and Morph / Shape envelopes independently.

- Improved FM section  - we've fixed some issued related to the FM section and the modulating wave's phase.

- You can now choose from 6 different waveforms for modulation: Sine, Triangle, Saw, Ramp, Square and S&H.

- Minor design improvements to improve usability.

- Fixed Shaper control range.

- New preset bank.

The 1.1 update sounds great and is super flexible due to the new controls and the increased polyphony.

Komplex 1.1 is available for U$8,00 at http://spektroaudio.com/komplex.
If you’ve already bought Komplex, check out your email for the new download link.

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Until next time!