ChucK repo on GitHub

Hi everybody!

I've been playing around with ChucK a lot lately. ChucK is a great and simple programming language and it's very easy to learn.

Since reverse engineering existing / demo code is my favorite way of learning, I've decided to share a couple of my ChucK projects / programs on GitHub so other people can use and learn from them.

The Spektro Audio ChucK repo is available at:

The first project I've uploaded to the Spektro Audio ChucK repo is a program called GlitchLoop and it's very self-explanatory: it plays a glitch-esque loop using pre-defined patterns for the kick, snare and percussion and a random function that generates glitchy patterns for the hihat.

It sounds like this: 

This is our first open-source experiment and I'd like to encourage everybody to go ahead and use, modify, adapt and re-share everything in any of our GitHub repos (under a GPL V2 license).