Audio Demo:



 Spektro Komplex is a MaxforLive polyphonic synthesizer designed to create complex and unique sounds. 

Like the Buchla 261e module, Komplex uses two oscillators to produce FM sounds. What really makes this synth stand out is it's habilities to morph the waveform of the first oscillator (carrier) and use a different waveform for the second oscillator (modulator). 

The frequency of the second oscillator (modulator) is calculated based on the operation:

Oscillator 1 Frequency (operation) Ratio = Oscillator 2 Frequency

For example: If the frequency of the first oscillator is 220Hz, the operation is set to multiplication, and the ratio is set to 2, the frequency of the second oscillator will be 440Hz. A variable offset can also be added to the resulting frequency.

3 different effects that can be used to further manipulate the sound:

- Shape: fold, wrap or clip the signal.

- Overdrive

- Spread: creates a stereo-widening effect by delaying the right channel.

You can use Spektro Komplex to create anything from classic FM bass to metallic percussion sounds. It's also a great tool for sound designer who want to create complex synthetic sounds.



Spektro Step Filter:


Spektro Komplex now comes bundled with a copy of the Spektro StepFilter device.

StepFilter is a 24 db/oct ladder filter that comes with a built-in step sequencer. The step sequencer can be used to trigger decay envelopes for Strike (cutoff) and Accent (cutoff and resonance). This device is great for creating some acid / 303 style basslines.

You can also bring down the amounts for Strike and Accent and use it as a regular filter.

In this 1.0 version, the step sequencer is locked to 16 steps and runs at a 1/16 rate (so the total length is 1 bar).

The Spektro StepFilter cannot be purchased or downloaded separately. 

System Requirements

- Ableton Live 9
- Cycling '74 Max 7
- Windows 7 or OSX 10.7