CV Toolkit 2.8 is now available!

Today we're releasing the new CV Toolkit 2.8 update which includes support for microtonal scales, Scala (.scl) files, secret options, and other improvements and enhancements to the software!

Check out the overview video for the new update:

Microtonal Scales

The new 2.8 update includes support for Microtonal scales so you can now create and use alternative scales outside the standard 12-tone equal temperament notes. CV Toolkit also includes a number of different microtonal scale presets for you to try and experiment. 
The microtonal mode in CV Toolkit follows the Scala standard (meaning you can express values in cents, ratios and fractions) but it also lets you add absolute Hertz values.
Scala files (.scl) created using other softwares / hardwares can also be imported into CV Toolkit and saved as a scale preset for later use.

Secret Options

We're added two secret options in CV Toolkit for automatically enabling DSP and adjusting the Calibration Level (accuracy). Please check the Secret Options section of the User Manual for more information.

Misc Improvements & Fixes

This new update also includes a new Reset input for the Sequencer module, improvements to the DSP engine for the Windows version (which should fix issues related to certain audio interfaces) and other minor bug fixes and improvements.

For more information about this new update, check out CV Toolkit's User Manual.

The new 2.8 update is  free update for all existing CV Toolkit customers. 

CV Toolkit 2 is available for U$19.99 at

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Until next time!