CV Toolkit - Standalone Version 1.2 is now available!

Hello everybody!

We’re extremely excited to announce that the 1.2 update for CV Toolkit - Standalone Version is out!
This update fixes most of the issues we had with previous versions, brings many new features and set’s the path for the future of CV Toolkit.

Here’s what’s new in CV Toolkit - Standalone Version 1.2:


- Introducing the new Virtual Slot System: We wanted to add more virtual modules to CV Toolkit without having to make the interface bigger. The solution we came up with is the new Virtual Slot System (V.S.S). 
The idea behind VSS is to make the user interface work like a real modular synth case: although the size of the case is fixed, you can swap the modules inside the slots at any time and configure it to best suite your need. Now you can, for example, swap the Envelope module for a Clock Generator. 
In order to change the modules inside the slots, press the M key or click on the Modules button. If the slot contains multiple modules, a drop-down menu will be displayed for you to select which module you’d like to load inside that specific slot. If you want to, you can also use the preset manager to save custom configuration for future use.
V.S.S. will not only let us add new modules in the future but will also let you customize and adapt CV Toolkit to your own needs.

In the 1.2 update, we’re introducing 4 new modules:

  • CV Recorder (Slot #8) - Record the output of any other virtual module and play it back using Vari-Speed (-10x to 10x).
  • Comparator (Slot #8) -  Performs a bipolar 1-bit quantization to an incoming signal.
  • Morphing VCO (Slot #10) - A digital oscillator that can be used as sub oscillator, a modulator for FM  / ring-mod patches or as an audio-rate modulation.
  • Clock Generator (Slot #11) - Generate clock signals (gate or trigger) at different rates.

- Significant CPU usage optimization.
- CV Quantizer is now more reliable and contains 13 scales: Chromatic, Major, Minor, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, Blues, Dorian, Lydian, Locrian, Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, Arabic and Augmented.  
- MIDI Notes Out - You can now send the output of the CV Quantizer module as MIDI notes to the selected MIDI output port. (Useful for layering sounds using other analog synths or virtual instruments). 
- Added a width control for the Step Sequencer Gate / Clock output (Available in the Options window)
- Added curve adjustment for AD1 and AD2 (Logarithmic →  Linear → Exponential)
- Added Pitch Bend support (with adjustable range to up to +/- 12 semitones)
- Improved voice handling
- Improved sync for the S&H module
- The Routing Matrix guidelines now have different colors for virtual modules (green) and analog outputs (blue).
- Lemur template updated to include new virtual modules.
- Minor design changes 

If you'd like to see these new features in action, check out the 1.2 Update Overview video:

The new 1.2 update is free for all CV Toolkit - Standalone Version costumers so, if you’ve already bought a copy, check your email inbox for a download link.

CV Toolkit - Standalone Version is available for U$19,99 at

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Until next time!