Mod7 pack and CV Toolkit 2.6.1 update are now available!

Today we're releasing the new Mod7 pack for CV Toolkit and the 2.6.1 update which includes bug fixes and improves support for the new modules.


The new Mod7 module pack for CV Toolkit is now available and it includes 7 amazing new modules: AutoSlide, Drunk Modulator, Function Generator, Game Controller, Infinite Sequencer, Loop Extractor, and Variable Clock!

Check out the overview video we created for Mod7 to see all the new modules in action:

The Mod7 pack contains some of the most advanced modules we've developed for CV Toolkit to date and we believe it'll be a great addition to the CV Toolkit platform.

For a detailed description of each of the modules contained in the pack, please check the Mod7 section on the CV Toolkit User Manual.

Mod7 is available for U$9.99 on the CV Toolkit product page.

We've also included Mod7 in the new CV Toolkit – Complete Bundle 2. The bundle now includes all packs available to date (Deluxe, Beats, VBrazil and Mod7) and it's available for U$49.99.
If you've already purchased the Complete Bundle 1, then you can purchase the new Mod7 separately. Notice that we've also raised the price of the bundle to accommodate for the new pack in order to treat both our new and existing customers equally.

Please notice that the Mod7 pack requires CV Toolkit 2.6 or higher. If you're using an earlier version, you'll need to update CV Toolkit to properly run the new modules.
If you need help updating, please get in touch with us via our Contact page.

CV Toolkit 2.6.1 Update

Today we're also releasing the 2.6.1 update for CV Toolkit to fix some bugs that were found during the Mod7 development.

While these bugs are not critical, we highly recommend updating to ensure full compatibility with the new modules.

Existing customers will receive a new download link for the new update via email.

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Until next time!