Fragments is now available!

Today we're releasing a brand new Max for Live device called Fragments.

Fragments is a granular synthesizer that can generate 8 different voices that can be sequenced to generate glitch loops.
Because of it's granular engine, Fragments will have a completely different sound depending on the sample loaded into it's buffer.

Check out the overview video for Fragments:

Fragments also includes some amazing features such as randomizers (global and individual per parameter), a modulation source that can be used to control different parts of the granular engine, and a Motion feature that lets you shuffle the value of a specific parameter between the 8 granular voices.

We designed Fragments to be intuitive and fun to use. Simply load any audio sample, press play on Live and start editing and randomizing the different parameters.

Here are some of the audio demos that we've created using Fragments:

Fragments is available for U$19.99 at

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Until next time!