CV Toolkit 2.6 is now Available!

The new CV Toolkit 2.6 update is now available and it includes many new features and improvements to the CV Toolkit software.

Our main goal for this update was to improve CV Toolkit's sync features and many of the components that make up the virtual modules' framework. This new update also includes many small improvements to the virtual modules in order to improve the software's workflow, flexibility and usability.

Check out the overview video for the new CV Toolkit 2.6 update:

synchronization & Timing

We're excited to announce that the 2.6 update adds support for the new Ableton Link technology. Ableton Link lets you easily syncronize CV Toolkit to a number of different applications such as Ableton Link, Propellerheads Reason, Serato DJ, iMaschine 2, Korg Gadget, iMPC Pro and many others.
To enable Link, go to the Sync / Misc tab on CV Toolkit's side-bar and select Link as your sync method.

While MIDI Clock sync has always been an available as a sync method ever since CV Toolkit 1, we re-designed how it works behind the scenes in this new version to make it better and more reliable than ever.

To make both of these sync methods more accurate and reliable, we added a Sync / Delay compensation feature and changed how the modules generate their own internal clocks and sync to clocks generated by other modules.

New Modules

The new 2.6 update also adds two new virtual modules to the Factory pack: ADSR & Input.

ADSR Module

ADSR is a 4-stage linear envelope generator. It's a simple yet very useful module.


The new Input module lets you bring external CV signals into CV Toolkit via an Expert Sleepers ES-6, ES-7 or ES-8 module. It includes a built-in attenuverter, offset generator, slew generator and bipolar half-wave rectifier to help you shape incoming signals.
You can also use the Input module to bring external clock signals into CV Toolkit and distribute them to the virtual modules via the Gate Bus.

New Features & Improvements

We've also added many new features and improvements to CV Toolkit and it's virtual modules:

• The framework we built for the virtual modules was re-designed to be more efficient and to include new features that will be used by new virtual modules released in the future.
• Keyboard Representation for the Global Quantizer so you can now quickly visualize which notes are turned on or off.
• Virtual modules such as the Sequencer and Sample & Hold can now output their internal clocks to the Gate Bus.
• The Sequencer module now includes an Auto-Slide feature. When enabled, Auto Slide will adjust the sliding time between the steps according to the their value difference. You can also set the maximum slide time from 5 to 150 ms.
• The Snap feature in the ScanGraph module is now available as a button on the module's panel.
• Adjusted the length of the triggers generated by the Clock Generator, Reset, and Euclidean Sequencer (Deluxe Pack) modules (now 20ms).

For a complete change-log of this new version, check out the Change-Log section in the User Manual.

We've worked hard to make the new CV Toolkit 2.6 update as good as possible and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.
A new module pack is also in the works and will be released soon!

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Until next time!