Introducing CV Toolkit Mini - Max for Live Device

The first version of the CV Toolkit Max for Live device (prior to the Standalone Version).

The first version of the CV Toolkit Max for Live device (prior to the Standalone Version).

Three years ago we release one of our first Max for Live devices: CV Toolkit. The idea for this device was to have a simple control voltage generator capable of creating some basic modulation signals such as LFOs, random voltages and envelopes.

We were so excited about this device that, in order to expand the idea further, we had to turn it into a proper standalone piece of software. This is basically the TL:DL story of CV Toolkit Standalone Version.

CV Toolkit Standalone Version became so much more powerful than it's Max for Live counterpart that we stopped working and updating the M4L device. This decision eventually led to confusion since many users would see 2 products / projects that shared the exact same name and were completely different from one another (free vs paid, simple vs powerful, 2013 vs 2016).

After thinking about this situation for a while, we decided to remove the old CV Toolkit Max for Live device and work on a completely new device: CV Toolkit Mini.

Our goal for CV Toolkit Mini was to bring the design and workflow of CV Toolkit 2 into a simple yet quite powerful M4L device.
CV Toolkit Mini includes a Clock Generator, an LFO, a S&H, 2 envelopes (AD and ASR), a multiplier, an offset generator, 2 oscilloscopes (for the 2 outputs), and, of course, a mini routing matrix.

Using these features you can clock, modulate and control your modular synthesizers in many different ways, specially once you start combining these modules in different ways using the routing matrix.
We also added a protection mechanism that uses the Live API to prevent the device from sending DC signals to your main speakers. 

While our business goal for CV Toolkit Mini is to promote the more powerful CV Toolkit 2 Standalone version, we are happy to give back to the community a device that is useful, powerful, elegant, and fun to use and explore.

CV Toolkit Mini is available for free at
The download includes the Max for Live device and 10 presets to get your started.

If you'd like to support our work, make sure to check out CV Toolkit 2 and our other Max for Live projects.

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