Distribute is now available!

Today we're releasing Distribute, a brand new Max for Live device that is designed to improve the workflow of working with multi-channel plugins in Ableton Live.

Here's the overview video for this incredible new device:

Our main goal for Distribute was to remove the hassle of working with multi-channel plugins such as Drum Machines (like Arturia's Spark and D16's Drumazon), Samplers (like Native Instrument's Kontakt) and even Multi-Timbral Synthesizers (like Reaktor).

Instead of having to manually create additional audio outputs and MIDI inputs for your plugins, you can use Distribute to automatically create, rename and route as many additional tracks as you need.

Version 1.0 also includes options for creating a bus track and changing the pattern that it uses for naming the additional tracks it creates.

Distribute will help you save time and CPU power by automating the process of working with multi-channel plugins so you can use fewer instances of the same plugins.

Distribute is available for U$9.99 at http://spektroaudio.com/distribute.

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Until next time!