Current Version: 1.0

Price: U$ 9.99

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Distribute is a MaxforLive device that improves the workflow of working with multi-channel plugins in Ableton Live by automating the process of creating, renaming, and routing additional audio and MIDI tracks according to the multi-channel plugin you're using. 

By removing the hassle and automating the necessary steps to properly create auxiliary tracks, Distribute let's you save time and CPU power by enabling you to work with fewer instances of the same plugin.
You could, for example, load multiple instruments into the same instance of Native Instrument's Kontakt and use Distribute to automatically create separate MIDI and Audio tracks for those instruments.

You also have the options to create a bus track (to group those multiple channels back together) and to change the pattern that Distribute uses for naming the tracks it creates.

System Requirements

- Ableton Live 9
- Cycling '74 Max 7
- Windows 7 or OSX 10.7