Fragments 1.2 is now available!

We're excited to announce that the new 1.2 update for Fragments is now available and includes some great new features and improvements!

Check out the overview video for Fragments 1.2:

Here's the complete change-log for the 1.2 update:

New Features:

  • Live Input processing*: Fragments can now be used as an audio effect / processor.  To use this mode, route any audio track to the Fragment's track and set it to Live Input mode. Because Fragments runs in a MIDI track, you can still trigger each of the 8 voices via MIDI even while using the Live Input mode.
  • Free running LFO: you can now disable the sync for the LFO and set it to any frequency between 0 and 20 Hz.
  • Tempo-synced delays: the delay times can now be set to clock divisions (1/2 to 1/128 note).
  • Wider range for motion time divisions: Motion rate can now be set up to 4 bars.
  • Added Dry / Wet parameter (only available in Live Input mode).

Bug fixes / Improvements:

  • Fragment's window now remains always on top while opened.
  • Increased contrast for butons and labels
  • Added missing comments / annotations
  • Renamed the Delay Feedback pararameter to Delay FB/Mix.

* Ableton Live 10 (or newer) is required for Live Input processing due to new changes that were recently added to the Max for Live API.

Existing Fragments customers will receive a download link for the new update via e-mail.

Fragments is a Max for Live granular synthesizer designed to generate glitched and percussive loops. It's available for U$19.99 at

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Until next time!