Sonic Mayhem – Doomsday Producers Edition

Hi everybody!

We're extremely proud to finally announce that our first artist collaboration is now available: Sonic Mayhem's Doomsday  – Producers Edition.
Doomsday is Sonic Mayhem's debut album and the Producers Edition adds many useful tools for composers, sound designers and produces.

Check out the overview video:

During the creation of Doomsday, we worked together with Sascha Dikiciyan aka Sonic Mayhem to create an exclusive Kontakt library and 2 brand new Max for Live devices for the Producers Edition.

Kontakt Library

The Kontakt library includes drums, bass and lead instruments which were carefully sampled from Sonic Mayhem's own setup. Most of these instruments were created using his incredible Eurorack modular synthesizer.
All the Kontakt patches included in the Producers Edition feature a special interface which lets the user fine tune the sound to their own needs.


We also worked with Sascha to create two exclusive Max for Live devices for Doomsday: the OmegaSEQ and the AlphaDTR.


The OmegaSEQ is an 8-step sequencer and it let's the user record 8 notes using any MIDI controller. 
When set to Play mode the user will be able to play the original recorded sequence by playing the note C3. All the other notes will play and transpose the sequence according to the note interval between the note played and C3. In other words, D3 will transpose by 2 semitone, C4 will transpose by 12 semitones and so on.
OmegaSEQ also includes 2 very interesting features: a velocity sequencer and the Tension knob.
The velocity sequencer offers an easy and quick way to edit the MIDI velocity of all the 8 steps. It also features a smart random button which creates different rhythmic sequences.
The Tension knob is useful for creating build-ups without having to automate the internal parameters of your synthesizers. It works by increasing the velocity and gate length of all the steps while decreasing the swing amount. 


The AlphaDTR is an audio effect focused on distortion. It uses a combination of a distortion circuit (based on chebyshev polynomials) and a bit-crusher to distort and destroy everything your send to it, Doomsday style.
While AlphaDTR's main interface consists of only 3 easy-to-use parameters, the user also has the option to open the advanced settings for more granular control over each parameters.

Both Max for Live devices and the Kontakt library were created exclusively for Doomsday and were created with the same care as all our other products.
We're extremely proud to be part of this amazing project and to have it as our first ever artist collaboration.

The Doomsday Producers Edition is available exclusively at