2 Years of Spektro Audio

Hi everybody!

This is a special week for us because we're celebrating 2 years of Spektro Audio! In order to properly celebrate this milestone, we'd like to review some of the highlights from these past 2 years and share some great news with you!

CV Toolkit

The new 2.0 update for CV Toolkit was released less than 3 months ago and it has been really well received by our customers and the modular synth community.
This new version was not only a complete re-write and re-designed but it also introduced amazing new features such as polyphony, internal CV buses, and module packs.

The new module packs available in 2.0  allow us to use CV Toolkit as a platform and work on / distribute new modules for CV Toolkit without having to update the main software.
Our first module pack, the Deluxe Pack, is already available for U$9.99 and it includes 9 new modules.
We're already working on more packs which will be available soon!

VBrazil LFO

In order to thank CV Toolkit users for their support since the first 1.0 release, all existing customers will receive a free copy* of the brand new VBrazil LFO for CV Toolkit.

VBrazil lfo module for CV toolkit 2.0

The VBrazil LFO module for CV Toolkit is an exact clone of the LFO 1 available in the VBrazil MultiLFO eurorack module. We partnered with Vinícius Brazil to make sure the virtual module features the exact same specs as the real module.
What's special about this module is that it features an multi-waveform LFO with a built-in S&H and wave-shaper. The first input of the module can be used to either modulate the frequency of the LFO or the phase (shape) of the waveform. The S&H circuitry can also be trigger via the internal Gate CV bus.

eurorack Module → cv toolkit digital module

eurorack Module → cv toolkit digital module

Here's what Vinícius has to say about it:
“When I first started working on the MultiLFO module, my goal was to create a very flexible and powerful modulation source (specially because I'm also a modular synth user). The final results were so good that I can't live without it anymore. It's an indispensable tool.
When Icaro asked me about the possibility of creating a digital version of the MultiLFO, I immediately accepted it and agreed on helping him.”

CV Toolkit users can download the new VBrazil LFO for free* at http://spektroaudio.com/cv-toolkit-standalone

*Special offer available until July 17th, 2015.

Max for Live Devices

Spektro grainflux hybrid synthesizer

Spektro grainflux hybrid synthesizer

During the past 2 years, we've released many Max for Live synthesizers (GrainFlux and Komplex), effects (Nucleation), and CV-related devices (DRG and CV Devices).

Our goal for the future is to continue to create more amazing devices as well as to continue to update and improve our already existing devices. We're already working on MK2 versions of Nucleation and CV Devices (which will be available soon) as well as an small update for GrainFlux.

We're also excited to announce that 2 brand new and exclusive devices will be available by mid July as part of a project we've developed in partnership with a well known composer.

Other Projects

Custom modules for max 7's beap platform

Custom modules for max 7's beap platform

Last year we released many free projects such as the Wired Bass instrument pack for Ableton Live and the the PS-8 sequencer for the Ableton Push
ore recently we released 2 free modules (Quad Spatial Mixer and Digital Noise) for Cycling '74 BEAP platform available at our GitHub repository (more to come soon).

We already have more projects aligned for the near future.
Creating and sharing free projects will always be part of our goals since this is our way of giving back to the community.

Anniversary Sales

Our 2 years anniversary celebration would not be complete without a special sale so we're offering 20% off any of our products until July 10th, 2015!

Just add any of our products to your cart and use the promo code SPEKTRO2YEARS at checkout.

I, Ícaro Ferre, would like to personally thank everybody who have been supporting Spektro Audio for the past 2 years.
While many other great professionals have helped the company grow and become what it is today, Spektro Audio is still mostly a one man company. 
Our goal for the years to come is to continue to work on intuitive and innovative products without compromising our customer support and quality standards.

Special thanks to Camila Fontaine, Synthtopia, Ableton, CreateDigitalMusic, Rekkerd, Richard Devine, Sascha Dikiciyan, Cyrus Rex, Neil Gaur, Chris Eberly, Vinícius Brazil, and Felipe Charret for all your help.

As always, if you'd like to keep up to date with our latests news and projects, follow us on Twitter (@SpektroAudio).

Until next time!