Introducing Spektro DRG - Dual Rhythm Generator

Hi everybody!

We're thrilled to announce that Spektro DRG, our new product, is now available!

DRG or Dual Rhythm Generator is a Max for Live device capable of generating clocks and rhythms that can be used with analog synthesizers and drum machines via control voltage. It's a great solution for syncing your analog / modular synthesizers to Ableton Live.
Like all our cv-related products, DRG also requires an audio interface with DC-coupled outputs or an Expert Sleepers module.

Here's the promo video:

While testing the beta versions, we realized that DRG could be used in many different ways such as for clocking analog sequencers, sequencing drum modules, triggering envelope generators and clocking time-based function generators (such as the 4ms Pingable Envelope Generator and the Mutable Instruments Tides). 

We worked hard to make DRG flexible enough to be used in different situations. The workflow was thought out to work great both in the studio and in live concerts. Everything on the front panel, from the simple layout to the LEDs colors, was design to give you instant feedback of whats going on. Features such as the MIDI Controlled Presets let's you add variation to your track and change the settings using either MIDI clips or any MIDI controller.

Here's an overview / tutorial video that demonstrates the most important features:

The Spektro DRG device is available for U$9.99

If you'd like to know more about DRG, visit

Until next time!