What's coming in the Komplex 1.1 update!

Hey everybody!

After releasing the CV Toolkit 1.1 update, we decided to work on an update to one of our most popular MaxforLive devices, Komplex.

Komplex was released back in October of 2013 as a monophonic synthesizer based on the Buchla 261e module. After receiving a lot of feedback from our customers, we decided that, for this 1.1 update, we wanted to work on improvements rather than on new features.


Here's what's coming:

• Polyphony – Komplex can now play up to 6 voices! You can now use Komplex to create some FM keys ;)

• Improvements to the Wave Morph section – morphing between the 3 waveforms sounds a lot smoother.

• Improvements to the 3 ADSR E.G.s – adjustable curves (Log - Lin - Expo) and equivalent ranges to all 3 E.G.s.

• Improved FM section  - we've fixed some issued related to the FM section and the modulating wave's phase.

• Minor design improvements to improve usability.

• New preset bank.

Although we didn't add many new features to this update, we re-designed the core of this device in order to greatly improve the overall sound of the synth.

The Komplex 1.1 update will be a free update and we're planning on releasing it very soon. 

If you'd like to know more about this update, follow us on Twitter (@SpektroAudio).

Until next time!