ACDGEN 1.2 is Now Available!

The holidays are almost here but we were still working hard this week to finish and release one more update for ACDGEN before 2019!
The new ACDGEN 1.2 update is now available and it includes new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Here’s the overview video for ACDGEN 1.2:

For those who don’t know, ACDGEN is a Max for Live advanced pattern generator designed to create 16th note, acid-style basslines and melodies via 8 different algorithms. You can also control up to 4 instances of ACDGEN from the Ableton Push 2 via the included ACDBRAIN device.

Our main goal for this new update was to include features that users have been requested as well as some improvements to make the device more useful and flexible.

Here’s the change-log for ACDGEN 1.2:

  • New Arp3 algorithm – The new Arp3 algorithm combines ideas from classic arpeggiators and other ACDGEN algorithms to create mode dynamic and interesting arp-like melodies.

  • New Note Display – ACDGEN can now display activate step, note velocity and density state.

  • Added 4 new presets for the main Transpose and Length tab buttons.

  • Added new option to enable or disable the Post Quantizer.

  • Key and Scale parameters now work in real time and can now be midi mapped.

  • Pattern display now properly updates according to the sequence length.

  • Improved Push 2 support: added controls for the Key, Scale, Restore and Export to MIDI parameters.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Swing and the Pattern Shifter to output doubled notes in certain situations.

  • ACDBrain Quandrant selector is now available in the Options view.

  • Settings tab was renamed to Main.

The new ACDGEN 1.2 update is free for all existing customers and new download links will be sent via email.

ACDGEN is available for U$14.99 at

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Until next time!