Nucleation MK2 is now available!

We are excited to announce that the new Nucleation MK2 Max for Live device is now available!

Nucleation was the first device we ever released and it combines wave-shaping and digital distortion into a single device. The new MK2 version includes many new features and removes many of the friction points that existed in the previous versions.
Since the first version was released more than 2 years ago, we decided to re-design and re-write Nucleation from scratch. 

Check out the overview video for this new version!

One of the best new features of the new MK2 is that it completely removes the need for WAV files that were previously used as the indexes for the wave-shaper and, instead, it generates these waveforms on the fly based on the Editor parameters and presets. 
This new mechanism also allow users to directly manipulate and edit the waveforms using the built-in editor.

The new editor was designed to be easy and fun to use. To create your own waveforms, you can use the Waveform Mixer to mix between the 6 pre-generated waveforms and then use the Waveform Effects to further manipulate the waveform.
You can also store your custom waves to your user bank to use it in future projects.

MK2 not only sounds great but it also includes many other new features such as Drive, 2 completely new digital distortion algorithms and 4x Oversampling mode.

The new Nucleation MK2 Max for Live device is available for U$9.99 at
Existing MK1 customers will receive a coupon code via email for a special upgrade price!

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Until next time!