What's coming in the CV Toolkit 1.1 update!

Hi there!

Because we've been receiving some great feedback in regards to the recently released CV Toolkit Standalone Version, we thought it'd be a great idea to share what's coming up in the next 1.1 update.

The major new features in 1.1 are the new MIDI to CV and Quantizer modules: 

MIDI to CV - Auto Calibration |  Keep in mind that the final layout might look different.

MIDI to CV - Auto Calibration |  Keep in mind that the final layout might look different.

  • The MIDI to CV module will let you calibrate your synth so you can play it using a MIDI keyboard. So far, we've managed to calibrate a VCO up to 4 octaves with great precision. 
  • The Quantize will take any incoming signal (via the Routing Matrix), quantize it to a specific MIDI scale and automatically send it to the MIDI to CV module to be converted back to CV. You'll be able, for example, to use the Step Sequencer together with the Quantizer to create a melody in F minor or A major.

We've also worked on improvements for to the Scangraph, Envelope and Step Sequencer modules:

  • Scangraph will now have an option to quantize breakpoint to the grid by holding the down the 'S' key and a "Rand" button to create random graphs. You'll also be able to combine these 2 features to create random graphs already on-grid.
  •  The Envelope module will also have a "Rand" button.
  •  The Step Sequencer received some great improvements to make it even more flexible. In 1.1, you'll be able to  select the number of steps (4 to 16), change the output signal from bi-polar to positive-only and use the new velocity layer to turn off specific steps or change the velocity / gain of the AD EGs. 

The Options window now contains many new settings that will let you better customize the behavior of the modules to fit your own needs. ES-3 owners will be happy to know that we've added native SMUX support.

These are just some of the new features that we've been working on for this next update! Our goal is to release it sometime around mid-February

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Until next time!