Spektro Nucleation 2.0 is out!

Great news everybody: Spektro Nucleation 2.0 is out!

This major (and free!) update brings some exciting new features to our beloved waveshaping device:

• gen~ processing:  During versions 1.0x, Nucleation, like most MaxforLive devices, processed sound in blocks of samples. Now, in version 2.0, it upsamples the signal by 2x and then uses the gen~ technology to process sample-by-sample! This new processing method results in less digital artifacts, less aliasing and a more pleasing timbre for your sound.

• New controls for you to shape your sound even further: offset and shift! Even tho the Offset control already existed in the previous versions, it now works differently due to the new gen~ processing method. The new Shift control allows you to shift the waveform forward in time, completely changing the sound. 

If you've already bought Nucleation in the past, check your email for a download link.

Everything related to this new update (new video and audio demos, change log and etc) can be found at http://spektroaudio.com/nucleation/

We're really excited about this new version and we hope you guys have fun with it!