Current Version: 3.0

 Price: $14.99

Overview Video

What is GrainFlux?

GrainFlux is a Max for Live hybrid synthesizer that combines different synthesis techniques such as granular, wavetable, and subtractive synthesis to create unique and distinctive sounds. It works by using audio samples to create two different waveforms which can be morphed and modulated.  

While GrainFlux offers a simple design, it’s workflow and features were carefully design to make it an extremely flexible and power instrument.

Create anything from morphing basslines to evolving drones by selecting one of the different granular modes and modulating the Morph, Grain Size, Center, Tilt and Shape parameters. 

The Motion feature also lets you scan through audio files while using the granular engine to create evolving waveforms at slower speeds or time stretching loops at higher speeds.

While you can use any of your own samples, GrainFlux ships with 40 high-quality samples created using a Eurorack modular synthesizer to get you started.

It features 6 modes (Regular, Inverted, Alternate, RingMod, Max/Min and Min/Max), 2 envelopes (ADSR, Multi-Stage Envelopes, and Envelope Follower), 2 independent LFOs , a multi-mode filter (LPF, BPF and HPF, and All Pass), and 4 effects (Pre-Drive, Feedback, Karplus and Stereo Spread).

System Requirements

- Ableton Live 9
- Cycling '74 Max 7
- Windows 7 or OSX 10.7