Spektro GrainFlux

Current Version: 2.0 - Changelog

 Price: $14.99

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What is GrainFlux?

GrainFlux is a MaxforLive synthesizer that combines different synthesis techniques such as granular, wavetable, and subtractive synthesis to create unique and distinctive sounds. It works by using audio samples to create two different waveforms which can be morphed and modulated.  While GrainFlux has a modern and simple to use design, it still offers many powerful and creative ways for you to manipulate its sound.
Create anything from morphing basslines to evolving drones by controlling and modulating the Morph, Grain Size, Center, Tilt and Spike parameters. 

While you can use any of your own samples, GrainFlux ships with 40 high-quality samples created using a Eurorack modular synthesizer to get you started.

GrainFlux features 2 modes, 4 modulation sources (2 Multi-LFOs and 2 Envelopes), a multi-mode filter (LPF, BP and HPF), and 4 effects (Pre-Drive, Feedback, Karplus and Stereo Spread).


Waveform Generator

The monophonic waveform generator in GrainFlux works by using granular synthesis to create two different waveforms from a single audio sample in six different modes: Regular, Inverted, Alternate, RingMod, Max/Min and Min/Max.

It's easy to get different timbres by changing the Wave 1 / 2 position, Morph, Grain Size, Center, Tilt, and Spike controls. You can also add a lot of expression to your patches by applying modulation to these parameters.


Fast Workflow


GrainFlux features a great and fast workflow. For example, when you drag an audio sample onto the Audio File drop-box, GrainFlux automatically updates the Folder drop-down menu to display all of the other audio files available in that same folder, so you can quickly try different samples.
Select a different sample from the Folder drop-down menu or click on the Randomize Position button to get completely different sounds.

System Requirements

- Ableton Live 9
- Cycling '74 Max 7
- Windows 7 or OSX 10.7