CV Toolkit - Standalone Version

Current Version: 2.8 – User Manual 

Price: $19.99

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What is CV Toolkit?

CV Toolkit is a software that uses different virtual modules to control, modulate and sequence your synthesizers via control voltage (CV). These virtual modules can work independently or can bet set to influence and modulate each other via the Routing Matrix.
With CV Toolkit 2, you can create anything from multi-channel rhythmic sequences to complete polyphonic patches.

In order you CV Toolkit with your synth, you'll need a DC-coupled audio interface or an Expert Sleeper's ES-8, ES-3, ES-5, ES-4, ES-40, ESX-4CV, and ESX-8CV modules ¹.

The new 2.0 version was to design to be both easy for beginners and extremely flexible for more advanced users. We want the users to feel comfortable while taking their first steps with the program but also have enough different tools to help to go further and deeper as they get more familiar with CV Toolkit.

Main Features

  • Standalone application – doesn't require any additional software.

  • Virtual Slot System – Change the modules inside the slots and customize CV Toolkit to your own needs. Load any module to any slot!

  • Layouts – Save different layouts to use in different situation such as live perfomance or studio tracking.

  • 3 Voicing Modes – create anything from simple sequenced patches to more elaborate polyphonic patches (up to four voices).

  • Internal CV Buses – Gate / Pitch

  • Module Packs – Expand CV Toolkit by purchasing more modules.

  • Eight analog outputs – you can use up to eight analog outputs to send signals to your modular synthesizer.

  • Microtonal Scales - Create your own scales or import Scala (.scl) files.

  • Ableton Link

  • MIDI Clock Sync – sync it to your favorite DAWs, drum machines, iOS apps and etc.

  • OSC Support – Control CV Toolkit using any OSC application such as Lemur or TouchOSC

  • Themes – Customize CV Toolkit's look to your needs and taste.

  • Compatible with the littleBits USB i/o module

  • MIDI In / Out ²

  • Works on both Mac and PC

  • 64-bit application

  • Clean and simple interface



Factory Pack

The Factory Pack in CV Toolkit 2.7 includes the following modules:

  • AD Envelope

  • ADSR Envelope

  • Buffer

  • Clock Generator

  • Comparator

  • Delay

  • Envelope

  • Input

  • LFO

  • Morphing VCO

  • Notes

  • Reset

  • PWM Clock

  • Sample & Hold

  • Sequencer

  • ScanGraph

  • Shaper

  • Slew

Why Standalone?

Although the Standalone version cannot be loaded straight into your favorite DAW like a plug-in, there are advantages of having it as a separate app:

  • Easy to setup – multi-channel plugins can take a lot of time to setup

  • Works with any DAW – you can use and sync CV Toolkit with any DAW that support Ableton Link or MIDI Clock sync

  • Or even without one – if you just want to jam for a while, you don't need to open up your DAW in order to run CV Toolkit


Deluxe Pack

Modules Included: Biased Switcher, Shift Register, Euclidean Sequence, Logic, Matrix Sequencer, MIDI Control, Trigger Burst, VC Switch and VCA.

Price: U$9.99



Modules included: Binary Sequencer, Clock Quartet, Gate Sequencer, Sequential Rhythms and VC Random Gates.

Price: U$9.99



Modules included: AutoSlide, Drunk Modulator, Function Generator, Game Controller, Infinite Sequencer, Loop Extractor, and Variable Clock.

Price: U$9.99


VBrazil LFO

The VBrazil LFO module for CV Toolkit is an exact clone of the LFO 1 available in the VBrazil MultiLFO eurorack module. We partnered with Vinícius Brazil to make sure the virtual module features the exact same specs as the real module.
What's special about this module is that it features an multi-waveform LFO with a built-in S&H and wave-shaper. The first input of the module can be used to either modulate the frequency of the LFO or the phase (shape) of the waveform. The S&H circuitry can also be trigger via the internal Gate CV bus.

Price: U$4.99

CV Toolkit 2 – Complete Bundle 2 

The CV Toolkit 2 – Complete Bundle 2 includes CV Toolkit 2 (the main software) and all module packs available to date ³ (Deluxe, Beats, VBrazil LFO, and the new Mod7).

By purchasing the bundle, you'll get the full CV Toolkit experience at once (without having to purchase add-ons separately) and receive the VBrazil LFO module for free (which will save you U$4.99 of the total price).

Price: U$49.99

User Testimonials & Reviews

I have an ES-4 which is a massive pain in the *** with Logic to set up and heavily restricted with S/PDIF compared to ADAT. The first version of the CV Toolkit changed all that for me, exciting, interesting and really quick and good fun. Highly recommend it.
— Ben Wilson aka DivKid (DivKid Youtube Channel)
Purists might decry the modular-computer interface, but in terms of functionality and value, you can’t beat the CV Toolkit.
— Joe Computo (Voltage Control Lab)
If you’re trying to bring your CV-based kit under control. And, if using a computer doesn’t give you scary nightmares, I’d highly advise giving CV Toolkit Standalone 2.1 a look.
— G.W. Childs IV (Ask.Audio)
If your into Modular and want to control it via your DAW, CV Toolkit is a must have. Use it everyday.
— Sascha Dikiciyan aka Sonic Mayhem
Pair this up with an ES-8 (or any DC-coupled audio device) and you can greatly extend your modular system in an eyeblink.
— Darwin Grosse (Cycling '74 Blog)

System Requirements

- DC-Coupled Audio Interface or compatible Expert Sleepers Module (ES-3 / ES-4 / ES-40 / ESX-4CV / ESX-8CV)
- Audio Driver with Multi-Client support (Windows only)
- Intel® Mac with Mac OS X 10.7 (or later), OR a PC with Windows 7 (or later)
- Multicore processor
- 2 GB RAM
- 1280×800 display
- Broadband internet connection for Pack Download feature.


¹ Support for the Expert Sleepers ES-4, ES-40, ESX-4CV and ESX-8CV modules is still experimental therefore it might be subjected to bugs. Our plan is to improve the support for these modules in future updates.
² While CV Toolkit can receive MIDI signals from MIDI devices, it cannot output MIDI Notes, only MIDI CC messages (via the CV to MIDI CC convertes available in the Utility Rack).
³ The Complete Bundle is sold as a bundle of existing products (as described in the Complete Bundle section) as is. Module packs released after purchase will be available as an additional purchase.

* 2.5 Update required for all Module Packs.