ACDGEN – Hardware Edition

User Manual 

Price: $280.00 (Out of stock, please email us to get into the waiting list)

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ACDGEN – Hardware Edition is a limited edition hardware version of our ACDGEN Max for Live device.
ACDGEN is a MIDI Pattern generator which lets you use different algorithms to create 16th-note, acid-style, basslines and melodies with a push of a button and manipulate them live using the different parameters available. You can use ACDGEN to create anything from acid house basslines to lush synth arpeggios.

Besides including the same parameters available on the software version (Key, Scale, Density, Length, etc), the hardware version also includes additional features such as random MIDI velocity, Keyboard Shift, MIDI CC sequencing, Shift modes, Swing modes and more.

The hardware edition is designed and handcrafted in Brazil by Spektro Audio and Vinicius Brazil, the creator of the Vinicius Electrik Eurorack modules, therefore availability is very limited. If you’d like to purchase a unit, please get in touch via our Contact form.


  • 3 Shift Modes

  • Automation via MIDI CC

  • Non-destructive pattern manipulation

  • MIDI CC Sequencing

  • Keyboard Shift (transposition via MIDI in)

  • Software Customizer

  • MIDI Clock sync

  • MIDI & USB ports (Bus Powered)

  • Easy to use interface

  • 8 Modes / Algorithms

  • 6 Swing Levels

  • 3 Swing Modes

Software Customizer


The hardware edition also includes a free software customizer which let’s you change settings such as MIDI Output channel, MIDI Thru, Shift Range, Shift Mode, Swing Mode, as well as the settings for the MIDI CC sequencer.
These settings can be stored in the device’s memory so they’re automatically recalled when unit gets powered on.