CV Toolkit Mini

Current Version 1.0


CV Toolkit Mini is a free Max for Live device that includes simplified parts of the CV Toolkit 2 software.

This device is designed to generate control voltages that can be used to control modular / analog synthesizers.

Virtual Modules included in cv toolkit mini

CV Toolkit Mini uses the same design and workflow available in CV Toolkit 2 to create a simple yet quite powerful M4L device.
It includes a Clock Generator, an LFO, a S&H, 2 envelopes (AD and ASR), a multiplier, an offset generator, 2 oscilloscopes (for the 2 outputs), and a mini routing matrix. 
Using these features you can clock, modulate and control your modular synthesizers in many different ways, specially once you start combining these modules in different ways using the routing matrix.
The device also features a protection mechanism that uses the Live API to prevent the device from sending DC signals to your main speakers. 

If you enjoy CV Toolkit Mini, check out CV Toolkit 2 Standalone Version.
CV Toolkit 2 includes 15 virtual modules, 8 simultaneous output, VCO calibration, MIDI to CV conversion, Layouts, OSC support and many other features. 


- Ableton Live 9
- Cycling '74 Max 7
- Windows 7 or OSX 10.7
- DC-Coupled Audio Interface