Introducing ACDGEN – Hardware Edition!

Today we’re introducing our first ever hardware product: ACDGEN – Hardware Edition!

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While our focus continues to be in software-related projects, there has always been an interest in making a physical product that would match our design principles.

The hardware edition will enter the ACDGEN product line alongside the Max for Live version, which will continue to be updated in the future.

As always, we’ve prepared a video to showcase all the features available in ACDGEN – Hardware edition, check it out!

ACDGEN – Hardware Edition is a standalone desktop unit that can generate MIDI patterns that can used to create basslines and melodies. We designed it to be fun and easy to use on stage and in studio.
It syncs via MIDI Clock, features USB and MIDI ports and, while it works very similarly to the Max for Live version that we first released back in August 2018, it also includes some brand new features.

Besides including the same parameters available on the software version (Key, Scale, Density, Length, etc), the hardware version also includes additional features such as random MIDI velocity, Keyboard Shift, MIDI CC sequencing, Shift modes, Swing modes and more.

We’ve also included a free software customizer which let’s you change certain settings of the hardware. These settings can be stored directly into the unit’s memory and loaded up automatically when the unit gets powered on.

If you’d like to check out all the features included in ACDGEN – Hardware Edition, check out the user manual.

All the hardware units are handcrafted in Brazil by Ícaro Ferre and Vinicius Brazil, the creator of the Vinicius Electrik Eurorack modules. Because manufacturing products like these in Brazil is both expansive and difficult due to logistics and limited access to certain parts, we’re only making 20 units for the first run.

If you’d like to purchase a unit, get in touch with us via the Contact form.

For more information about ACDGEN – Hardware Edition, visit

Until next time!